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Family & Medical Leave Rights

Employers with 50 or more workers must provide unpaid leave to workers as needed for medical or family purposes, as governed by the federal Family and Medical Leave Act. Illinois law does not have its own comprehensive leave law and follows federal FMLA guidelines. However, Illinois does have additional leave laws specific to employees within the state.

The following resources are meant to help Chicago-area employees understand their rights and privileges with respect to leave laws:

Family & Medical Leave Law Resources:

Family and Medical Leave: Overview (FindLaw)

Rights and Responsibilities Under the FMLA (FindLaw)

Employee Rights and Responsibilities Under the Family and Medical Leave Act (PDF, DOL) - This is the same poster required in all workplaces.

Final Rule on Family and Medical Leave Providing Military Family Leave and Updates to the Regulations (PDF, DOL) - Leave provisions for military families.

Filing a Complaint with the Federal Government (DOL) - General procedure for filing a complaint for violation of leave laws and other so-called "wage and hour" regulations.

Illinois Leave Law Resources:

Understanding How Illinois Leave Laws Overlap with FMLA (Business Mgt. Daily)

Family Military Leave Act (Il. General Assembly) - While federal law provides military leave for companies with 50 or more employees, Illinois law also applies to those with 15 or more workers.

Illinois Dept. of Labor School Visitation Rights Act Factsheet (PDF, Il. Dept. of Labor) - Parents and guardians are allowed up to eight hours of leave annually to attend teacher conferences and other functions at their children's schools.

Victims' Economic Security and Safety Act (PDF, Il. Dept. of Labor) - This act provides leave for victims of domestic violence.

Employee Blood Donation Leave Act (Il. General Assembly) - Employees may take up to one paid hour to donate blood. 

Jury Duty and Witness Leave (Il. General Assembly) - Illinois employers may not punish workers for leave related to jury or witness duty.