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Top 5 'Less Obvious' Types of Employment Discrimination

There are some types of discrimination that may not be so obvious.

For example, there are not that many employers nowadays who engage in overt and obvious forms of discrimination. That's why you won't often see a classified ad that states "only whites need apply."

Still, we all know discrimination exists. Here are the Top 5 types of less obvious forms of employment discrimination that you should watch out for:

  1. Ads Seeking "Recent College Grads." You'll notice that this ad seems OK on its face. But while it does not state that older workers need not apply, the ad serves that purpose and may violate age discrimination laws.

  2. Word-of-Mouth References. Do you ever notice work crews that are all Asian or all Hispanic? These individuals may get hired based on word-of-mouth references from current employees. But if those employees are only providing references from the same racial pool, then these hiring practices may violate the law.

  3. Testing. Many employers require that you take a test during an interview. But is lifting 50 pounds, or having read "The Great Gatsby," really a reasonable requirement for a job? Such stipulations may discriminate against individuals in certain protected classes.

  4. Job Assignments. Got assigned the route in the "black neighborhood" because you're black? That's a no-no. Job decisions cannot be based on race, sex, or any other discriminatory reason.

  5. Getting Fired for a Medical Reason. In some circumstances, a termination may be justified if the employee suffers from a medical disability. But these circumstances are very rare. Most of the time, such employment decisions fall under illegal disability discrimination.

There are countless ways that an employer can discriminate against you. If you believe you are targeted for an illegal reason, contact a Chicago employment attorney and learn more about your rights.

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