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Don't Worry, Things WILL Get Worse; FindLaw's Guide to Job Loss

Maybe you've been working there for a week. Maybe you've been working there for a decade. Well, it doesn't matter now. You just got fired.

There's a number of platitudes we could throw at you. The night is always darkest before the dawn. Don't worry, things will get worse. Or you could just listen to Kanye West's "Stronger," which is an entire song centered around a platitude.

Fortunately, we're not just here for slick references to rap music and slightly cynical sayings. We also come prepared with advice shaped from the experiences of the many who have braved the trail of the unemployed, from suing over wrongful termination to seeking unemployment benefits.

Instead of forcing you to read the thousands of amazingly informative posts we've written, we've released The FindLaw Guide to Job Loss: What to Do After Losing a Job. It contains invaluable information on the most common issues facing the you as a member of the recently terminated, such as:

  • Did they break a law when they fired you?
  • What do you do about your final paycheck and severance?
  • What about health insurance?
  • How do I file for unemployment benefits?
  • Should I consult an attorney?

It's a less exhausting and less exhaustive summary of what we do here every day: help you learn the law. Believe us, the unemployment process is almost as time-consuming as a full time job. We're here to make it less so.

Now, since you do have a bit of time on your hands, we'd recommend starting with the guide. Feel free to browse this blog as well. And if you some specific questions, drop on by the FindLaw Answers section and see if the community can help.

Also, once you've got your resume together, and have begun to seek out a new (and hopefully better) position, check out our hiring guide as well. It covers related issues, including your rights as a job-seeker.

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