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Bruce Weber Fired As Illinois Basketball Coach

Bruce Weber was fired as the head basketball coach at Illinois. After experiencing early success with the program (using Bill Self’s players), Weber and the program have fallen onto hard times including missing the NCAA tournament three of the last four years

But don’t feel too bad for Weber. While he is out as the head basketball coach, he could likely get a job at another school or could take a million-dollar television gig somewhere. In addition, Weber will be paid a buyout of $3.9 million over the next three years, reports the Chicago Tribune. So, could he be one of the highest paid people in Illinois, possibly thanks to the use of state funds, for doing nothing for the Illinois program for the next three years?

Employees generally do not have a right to a severance agreement or buyout. There is no law out there that says someone who is fired is entitled to pay or a portion of their salary. Instead, these buyout packages are usually negotiated at the bargaining table when an employer hires a highly coveted employee.

When Bruce Weber was hired, he was seen as someone who could keep Illinois basketball playing at a high level after the departure of Bill Self. To acquire Weber, the university gave up many concessions that it probably thought it would never have to use, like a buyout provision in case of termination.

A few short years later, the university parted ways with the coach. Bruce Weber was fired, but don't feel too sorry for him, as he'll be collecting millions from the university budget for the next three years.

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