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Temp Service Charged With Hiring Undocumented Workers

Clinton Perkins and his son-in-law Christopher Reindl have been charged with hiring dozens of undocumented workers for temporary warehouse jobs, the Chicago Tribune reported. The two are the president and office manager, respectively, of a pair of Bensenville-based temporary staffing companies.

In an apparent attempt to stay beneath the radar, authorities say the men paid the undocumented workers in cash and failed to deduct taxes. They also withdrew cash for wages in amounts of $9,800, which authorities said was an attempt to skirt a law that requires banks to report withdrawals in excess of $10,000.

Lawyers Robert Stephenson and Anthony Masciopinto, representing the defendants, declined to comment to the Associated Press in a related article appearing at the ABC News web site.

Federal officials seek the forfeiture of $488,095 from Clinton Perkins, claiming that it was seized from several different bank accounts and the offices of the two companies, Anna II Inc. and Can do It Inc. If convicted of the federal criminal charges, the men face five sentences of five years in prison and $250,000 in fines.

The workers in question were contracted to clients as temps for various jobs including janitorial, freight loading, and installation and removal of warehouse structures, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. They reportedly were able to get jobs without having to prove employment eligibility, according to charges cited by reporters.

The Legal Aid Society's Employment Law Center points out that illegal immigrants, although lacking eligibility to work in the US, are entitled to much of the same employment protections as those who are legally employed. Also, federal employment agencies are not allowed to inquire about anyone's employment status.

That means anyone who believes his or her rights as an employee have been violated may want to contact a Chicago employment lawyer for assistance.

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